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Our Studio

Universal Audio

Our Universal Audio Apollo interfaces allow us to run sessions up to 192k / 24 bit if required, with up to 32 I/O whilst simultaneously being able to run 10 of their fantastic Unison preamps, offering vintage preamp and channel strip emulation such as Neve, Manley, SSL, API and of course Universal Audio's own legendary models. For further outboard preamp choice we carefully choose units from SPL, Audient and Focusrite for their unique differences.

With the Apollo’s dedicated outboard processing, you can use as many plugins as you want with exceptionally low and playable latency - from Ampeg’s bass emulation to classic vocal preamps - you never need to worry about the size of your session. 


The Control Room


Our main monitors are a pair of the brilliant Adam A77x - chosen for their exceptionally accurate phase and frequency response and the way they worked in our room. There’s a subwoofer for referencing, but the A77x covers the full range comfortably. We use Avantone’s mix cubes for referencing / accurate placement - a great tool for the final stage of any mix! The Presonus central station system allows easy talkback functions and quick control over the monitors.

Performer monitoring is achieved using Behringer's simple P16 system - allowing us to send you up to 16 channels to mix yourself. This gives you total control over your monitor mix without feeling restricted asking for more! Of course, if preferred we can mix your monitors for you from the control room. 


12 Gauge Black212 - SE Gemini II

Drop in!

It’s always worth talking to us before booking a session! We welcome anyone to come into the studio at any time for a coffee, chat, look around and to meet the team. Excluding our simple live recording packages, each session requires a unique approach to ensure you meet your vision. We’ll ask for your reference tracks for the sound you’re going for, tracking sessions (if you have them) to provide our input, thoughts and advise on the tracks (if you want it) and begin designing the best solution for you. 


On the rare occasion we cannot accommodate your exact requirements, we work with a network of trusted engineers and studios so we’ll point you in the right direction. 


UA Apollo x6 / x8p - Audient ASP 800 - SPL GoldMike

Control Room


Our workspace is simple, flexible and intuitive - allowing any engineer to become familiar with the setup quickly. Whilst flexible, our patchbays are normalized to a standard workflow, meaning everything is where it should be every session without the need to re-patch every time. 

Our carefully designed control room was built from the ground up. We’ll be releasing more information about the design soon - but using a series of acoustic design techniques we’ve created a space that sounds wide, balanced and accurate. Using largely a series of calculated and well placed diffusion techniques alongside the room’s shape we’ve managed to create a comfortable and balanced sounding space which doesn’t feel dead or lifeless - discouraging fatigue in those longer sessions.


Adam a77x

Microphones & DIs

We stock a good selection of microphones from AKG, Neumann, SE Electronics, Audix, Shure, Sennheiser and more alongside DI boxes from Radial and BSS. 


If you need a certain mic, instrument, amplifier or even performer for your session just let us know - we work closely with a community of musicians and studios allowing us quick access to anything you need.

Live Room

Our live room was designed to accommodate everything we could think of! Using a series of portable panels we can manipulate the room’s acoustics to be appropriate for the session. Need huge sounding drums? We’ll clear the room, rearrange the panels and record them in the middle. Need a tight acoustic guitar? We’ll build a smaller booth in one of the deader corners. Need a raw live sound? - we’ll use the room’s size to our advantage and capture plenty of live energy. We’re constantly adapting, modifying and upgrading the room to achieve the results you want.


Our Live Room

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